Mobile App Development

Preference is what sells, 70 % OF SMARTPHONE users surf INTERNET Through phones

All modes of virtual communication has been given a creative touch by the digital agencies. While the rest follow the conventional method, at Super Bolide it’s a different story, where the interfaces of handheld gadgets are developed at higher level. There is a lot of scope for the mobile technology to improvise and desktops are already now reaching dumpsters.

Make your presence felt

Mobile applications is as diverse as website development, we lay different variants before so that the best one fits into your business perfectly well. Assitance, platform and stamp on all are provided here at Super Bolide majorly depending on your budget, expectations and the geographic location. Developing an application that is robust and would carry your brand and its services.


How is Super Bolide different?

A our mobile application developers are our valuable investment. We are more than a stunning portfolio, aiding with queries and assistance on the following:

  • Native apps that run on a specific mobile OS, cross platform apps or no apps.

Believe us, this debate can go on forever.

  • We haven’t forgotten HTML 5. A frontrunner to develop responsive mobile websites and your answer to ‘no apps’
  • Heard of the user data storage at the cloud? All don’t require it, do you?
  • How to sync your new enterprise app with the existing assets such as networks and databases.

We would like to share views  on the leading mobile platforms for app development we cover. You must have heard of Android and iOS. There are more.

Android: All set to surface as the most widely used smartphone mobile OS. It has registered billions of downloads for about 675000 apps. The Asian market adores it!

iOS: This is probably a major development Apple has bestowed upon the world. Billions of downloads for 6, 50,000 apps. However the hardware incorporation is something to die out for.

Windows: Just the name is enough. Microsoft likes to give it the best whatever they participate in. Windows run all leading apps.

Know us

Super Bolide is believes in spreading knowledge hence we conduct in house seminars to promote better ideas on development of mobile applications. Welcoming tech savvy enthusiasts from our teams, we have adapted a richer insight of how a particular system would function in different scenarios. Android app development and testing

  • iOS app development and testing
  • Windows app development and testing
  • Blackberry apps development and testing
  • HTML5 applications and websites development
  • Mobile app designing
  • Mobile website designing

Once the application goes live, we will help you spread a word of it over the internet in a smart and efficient way. Our dedicated marketing teams will take over the job from the coders.